Horse Keeping on European quality level and Animal Protection on Kos

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Do you remember the last time you made vacation anywhere in a Mediterranean country? The feeling for animals is different there and mostly not acceptable. If you talk with inhabitants on the Greek islands they very often do not understand why somebody takes care of animals.

So it's not a miracle that a lady from Finland takes care of the local animal shelter on Kos. Please note that the shelter is "full" at any time with a lot of dogs, cats and donkeys and it doesn't help if you bring some animals more to them.

You can help if you adopt an animal and take it to your home country. The procedure is simple. Information about the animal shelter:


How about horses and horse keeping on Kos

Tourists are blaming for the existence of self called, Greek "Riding Centers" on Kos. Especially "beginner" don't go to any trouble and accept the bad situation of the horses. Horse Lovers already went very often to the police but they don't stop them. So the situation is each season the same. Anybody who pays and without any riding experience can gallop without caps on tourist beach areas between sun umbrellas and playing children. It is not needed to point out that horse riding on the beaches is an official criminal act. Riders can be arrested at any time if (IF) the police controls the beaches. No rider insurance or third party insurance cover illegal acts, but these stables anyhow don't have any insurance. The horses are tied on a leg, resting without sunroofs in the heat of the sun on dirty places. If you take the saddles off, you find the horses hurt of the wrong saddle pressure. They are not very happy.


About Alfa-Horses and Horse Keeping

Only trained horses and ponies selected and imported from Germany

Untied livestock breeding in groups

Daily hoof cleaning and controlling, hoof rasp and cutting with professional equipment

3 times feeding per day 

periodical checked by a veterinarian

all needed inoculations and anti-worming

Horseshoe replacements after 6-7 weeks done by a blacksmith from Athens

Only adjusted saddles for all horses


Kos Island Paddock with Ponies

Kos Island Alfa-Horse Ponies All areas designed for accident-free horse keeping

Clean large paddocks with sunroofs / shady areas

Clean and proper wooden stables and feeding boxes

Paddocks fenced with electric tapes

Solar electric equipment

Automatic Watering Places inside/outside



Working during tourist season

No riding trips for heavy, drunken or inexperienced guests

Periodic resting times, working time max 2-3 hours per day

No riding during the midday heat