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Information about beach riding on Kos

If beach riding on Kos would be legal, we would offer it!
The beaches on Kos are all public, so licences of the community are needed if someone wants to do business, e.g. Sailing Schools, Jetski, Motor Boat Drive, Beach cafes, ...
During the tourist season huge crowd at all the beaches:
Walker, swimmer,  playing children, swimmers, ... 

So it is understandable that there are no licences for horse riding granted. But there are yesterday peoples which are not interested in laws and do not have sense of responsibility.

So you can find funny riders with flip-flops or their baby on the lap at the beaches between Marmari and Tigaki. It is not appetizing to see horses shit and piss on the beach close to playing children. Let's say it is an impertinence.
In 2013 there are 3 stables stick together in the area of Marmari and one close to Kardamena offering illegal beach riding.

After the Greek law is beach riding without permission a "criminal act" and no insurance will cover accidents during illegal events.

Riding round the Salt Lake/Marmari ? Horses in Greece are "means of transportation" like cars, trucks. It is only allowed to use public streets.
The salt lake on Kos is a natural protected area, free only for walker. No cars, no horses, no biker!
A responsible rider checks the vacation stables first: Have a look at the horses, the saddles and even the bridles.
A first impression from a Kos page in the internet:




Be careful trust incoming tourist people or at the hotel reception:

They can only make cash if they sell you something. They accept advertisement in their brochures from anybody who sells for, and they sell you to the devil, if they get a commission.

Your benefit:

If you get anywhere in the hotel or from your travel guide information material about beach riding on Kos, collect it and take the agency to the court. This may stop them to support criminals.