Kos Island Riding Alfa-Horse

 Kos Island Pony Riding

Safe pony riding on trained ponies

The unique event for our small guests (3 years and older): Our pony paradise 

Kos Island all about horse and pony riding The individual family adventure: Ponywalk 


Here they are, our ponies: 


Safe guided pony riding for our young riding guests. A visual pleasure for all horse lovers: 5 very neat ponies different breeding and height.
Kos Island Guided Pony Riding for our small rider Children gets close to our trained and very neat ponies. They will have enough time to stroke and feed them. For children we provide proofed saddles and riding caps. Different pony breeding are available. The youngsters are guided through our experienced staff.

All children get a safety instruction and a lot of information and advise regarding horses and riding in German or English language.

Walking for the family. Enjoy a half or one hour pony trip for your child and share the walk.

The area on the slopes of the Mount Dikeos is the most picturesque region of the island. Just Nature, nothin else.

We also take care of the parents: We offer a shady beer garden close to the course with a good variety of refreshments, drinks and snacks (our special offer is a variety of German cakes, filter coffee and Bavarian beers). Parents have plenty to talk about horses, vacation, our beautiful island and all the bits and pieces. Refreshments are not included in the riding price.

Kos Islands' beer garden

The team of Alfa-Horse will do the best to make 
this event unforgettable for the whole family!


The riding event for the whole family                      

Children "safe in the saddle" can do guided individual excursions. Exclusive guided riding trips for families are available!